Why You Can’t Stay with Your Pet at the Vet

 Photo  by Anne Worner /  CC BY-SA

Photo by Anne Worner / CC BY-SA

Vet visits can be stressful, especially if you can’t be with your animal.

There’s a lot that goes on in a veterinary clinic. The last time I took one of our dogs to the clinic, there were dogs barking, cats hissing and a lot of people talking. All of this might easily stress your animal out! And once your animal is taken to the back, it may seem like there is more emotional strain on your pet. However, in most cases there isn’t! Remember: you’re working with professionals. They love animals and know just what to do to make the visit a good one.

What Exactly Goes On in the Back of the Veterinary Clinic?

Several things happen in the exam area—from nail trimming to taking blood, procedures and surgery. Some animals there are recuperating from surgery or from being very sick. These back rooms are better equipped to help the staff give your critter the best care it can. Think: better lighting, bigger tables and additional workers. Altogether, this makes for a more efficient and quicker visit. On the other hand, the longer the procedure takes, the more everyone, including your critter, is stressed out.

Why Can’t I Go Back, Too?

All veterinary professionals love animals, but they have a job to do. Typically, animals will behave better for the doctors if their “parent” isn’t around. Additionally, it will usually take the veterinarian less time to take care of your pet if you aren’t there. So while the doctors and nurses never hurt the animals, they may need to scruff a cat or muzzle a dog—all of which you, as the owner, would probably rather not see. The veterinary professionals need to concentrate on everyone’s safety while that’s happening.


In most cases, it really is best for you to be separated from your pet at the vet while they are being checked over and treated. However, there might be exceptions.

Tell us about your experience at the vet, and what you have found works for you and your animal.

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