Bunny Bonding

Most dog and cat owners will tell anyone that their dog or cat has a totally unique personality, but did you know that pet rabbits have just as much personality as a dog or cat? They need a little different treatment, however.
Just like our pet cats and dogs, we must learn what our pet rabbit likes and doesn’t like.  Most rabbits do not like to be held. Instead, they much prefer to remain on the ground.  So if you frequently pick up and hold your rabbit, Fluffy may shrink away or hide from you when you come towards him.
Bunnies generally do not like being petted on their ears, neck, feet, stomach or tail.  Instead, try stroking their forehead, cheeks and backs. Then watch your pet bunny lay his head on the ground in happiness.
Should your rabbit not seem to enjoy being petted, you may wait until after he has eaten and then try again.  Some rabbits are more receptive to being touched after meals.
By understanding that rabbits have distinct personalities and following these general guidelines, you can have a more fulfilling bond with your bunny.

How do you bond with your bunny?

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