Brushing Pet Teeth

My, what sparkly teeth you have! While it is common knowledge that humans should brush their teeth twice a day, what about our pet's teeth?

I hope the readers will find this as funny as I did: I recently watched a munchkin cat named Munchkin. I was keeping one of my friend’s cats at my apartment for a few weeks while she was out of town. I figured that as a pet-sitter my duties would include feeding and watering the feline, taking care of the litter box and playing with it for an hour or so every day. However, when Munchkin’s owner handed me a miniature toothbrush, I will admit that I was a little surprised. It was a toothbrush that was made specifically for cats, along with toothpaste made for animals as well. For those like myself, who aren’t completely sure how to brush the teeth of a furry friend, keep reading!

For starters, you may be wondering, “How often do Fluffy’s (or Munchkin’s) teeth need to be brushed?” Well, ideally, every day! Unlike dogs, there aren’t many chew bones or toys for cats to clean their teeth with. Before you begin brushing your feline’s teeth for the first time, get them used to the process. The first step is to find a comfortable place for your cat to be during the brushing. This can either be in your lap or somewhere else. For the first few tries, use a cotton swab or your finger. Gently lift your pet’s lip, and brush the teeth much like your own. Once your feline has gotten used to that process, you can introduce the toothpaste and toothbrush. You should only use these items that are specifically designed for animals. To make the transition to toothpaste easier, give your furry friend a small sample of the toothpaste before actually brushing its teeth. From there, it is just getting your pet used to the process!

For other suggestions, talk to your veterinarian or local pet store. Your cat’s teeth will be sparkling in no time!

Do you brush your cat's teeth? Share all your tips with us!

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