Bring Your Dog to Work!

I once worked for a company that instituted “pet-friendly Fridays,” when employees were allowed to bring their pets (well behaved only, of course) to the office for the day. Friday quickly became my favorite day of the week –for more reasons than casual attire and free donuts. While my cats had no interest in accompanying me to the workplace (they don’t “do” work, after all), my coworkers’ dogs loved hanging out at the office –and I loved hanging out with them.

Dog friendly offices are becoming almost commonplace these days, as more employers realize that friendly canines create a healthy diversion from workplace stress. In fact, scientists have found that our bodies even experience a hormonal reaction when we interact with a dog, causing us to feel more positive, as well as more relaxed.

Rules, of course, are necessary. Noisy or overly rambunctious dogs may not mix well with the office environment. An aggressive dog should also be left at home, unless he will be the only dog in the office that day. Dogs should be kept on a leash unless they are in your office or cubicle. Do not allow them to roam. If a coworker wants to interact with your dog, she’ll stop by to do so.

A baby gate can prevent your dog from leaving your area unsupervised. Bathrooms and lunchrooms should be designated as dog free. You should, of course, pick up after your pet on outdoor potty breaks.

Now a full-time freelance writer, I no longer work at for that company, but I fondly remember the pet-friendly Fridays.

Did you ever take your dog to work? How did he/she behave? Share your “tail” in the comments.

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