Breaking the “Evil” Cat Stereotype

 Photo  by greyloch /  CC BY-SA

Photo by greyloch / CC BY-SA

A lot of people have mixed feelings about cats. One of the most common misconceptions, however, is that cats are evil and were spawned to hate the world. Extreme, I know! This is simply not true. While it might be a trend on tumblr, the stereotype of “evil cats” needs to be debunked, so here we have come up with the Top Reasons Why Cats Are Wonderful.

1. Ease

No one can deny it – cats are easy. Here’s why:

  • Independence. Unlike dogs or pigs or [choose another animal of your choice], most cats are perfectly fine with doing their own thing – be it lounging in the sun or hunting plastic mice. They don’t need you except for food, litter box change, and, of course, snuggles.
  • Cleanliness. Cats have their own self-grooming business, so it’s basically the best if you are sensitive to smell. We can’t speak so much for the fur-balls, though.
  • Affordable. Most healthy cats don’t need regular medical care. If you buy the basics in the beginning, you won’t need to spend much more money than that.
  • Trainable. Believe it or not, cats can be trained! Not as well as dogs can, but they are still able to learn things – the best time to learn is in their first 3 months. Some cats have even been known to be trained to use a toilet…

2. Companionship

Like any pet, cats are great friends and company not only to you but to your kids, other animals, and yes, even their arch enemy: the dog.  They provide:

  • Endlessly entertaining and completely unique – each cat has their quirks and personality. Simply giving your cat a piece of string, balloon, or pulling out the laser pointer – things quickly turn into an episode of Tom and Jerry. Sometimes their version of “fun” involves pouncing on your feet at 2 a.m. when you were sleeping quite peacefully.
  • This is where the “non-evil” part comes in. Yes, some cats are mean, but mostly because they’ve either been taught or encouraged in their bad habits. If you give your cat love, respect, boundaries, and food, you’ll probably get a little fuzzball of a buddy out of it.
  • Cats are just as weird, silly, and passionate as people, and we love them for it.

3. Health

It’s weird thinking that an animal can affect your health, but it is completely true! Cats can improve your health in a variety of ways, including:

  • Boosting Your Immune System. There isn’t a specific reason why, but owning a cat can help your immune system improve. Not to mention their bedside manner when you are sick.
  • Reducing Your Blood Pressure. It might seem odd, but simply stroking your cat can help lower your blood pressure. Along with this, cats can help you relax – your level of stress-related hormones reduce, which, in turn, reduces anxiety and blood pressure.
  • Reducing Your Loneliness. Having a pet, such as a cat, simply provides a friend for when you feel alone or bummed. Having those big eyes and soft purrs is enough to make anyone feel loved.
  • Lowering Allergies. It’s bizarre to think about – especially with the amount of people allergic to cats these days – but studies have shown that for children that grow up with a cat or dog at home will be less likely to have allergies related to animals once an adult.

I think we have enough evidence here to state that the “evil cat” stereotype is officially de-bunked! Of course not every cat is the same, but most – if loved and cared for – end up being great pets in the end.

Is your cat as wonderful as described above? Tell us how in the comments below!

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  1. Kim says:

    I was hoping to see something about debunking black cats as being bad luck. I have 2 black cats before the one I have now. We found him near death as a kitten. He is a polydactyl and still wild, but very easy to love. I don't like Halloween, but love my black cat. They need love and give as much love as any other cat.

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