Birds and Coat Weather

Coat of feathers? We all know how humans stay warm during the winter, but what about our feathery pets? How do we keep birds warm?

In the past few weeks, the United States has seen some pretty bizarre weather! About half of the country was covered in ice and snow, which then traveled to the other half. While we have already covered how to keep our outdoor animals and reptiles warm, how do you ensure that your pet bird is warm enough this winter?

Many bird breeds are from the tropics, which means that it can be difficult to keep them warm in the winter. Parrot owners may have an especially tough time because space heaters are dangerous for birds. They’re made of Teflon, a substance known to cause sudden death in this particular avian breed.

The most common solution to this problem of cold is to invest in a bird-safe heat lamp. You can find one of these at your local pet store. However, be careful about which bulbs you use in the lamp. Avoid those coated in a substance containing PTFE, which is a dangerous chemical that can emit toxic fumes when overheated. The light bulbs that are the best to be used in a heat lamp are incandescent or infrared incandescent. The infrared bulbs warm the objects rather than the surrounding air, and are unique because of their red tint. These bulbs are a good choice because they do not disturb the sleep cycle of your feathery friend.

Stay safe and warm this winter—and help your pets do the same.

How do you keep your birds warm in winter? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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