Birds and Cold Weather

Wet BirdA case of the cold feathers! Your feathery friend may need help keeping warm this winter. Some humans enjoy the colder weather and the prospect of snow, but their feathery animals probably don’t! Most pet birds come from areas that have warm, tropical climates. This means that low temperatures and low humidity in their adopted home can be both uncomfortable and potentially harmful to these critters, as it can result in illness. For most birds, it is very important that their home does not drop below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you don’t have central heating, no worries. Here are other ways to ensure that your animal stays warm:

  • Move the habitat away from doors and windows. Those areas tend to have drafts of icy air.
  • Use a cage cover at night. This will help maintain a comfortable temperature for your pet.
  • Try temporary insulation. Seal off windows and unused doors with a shrink wrap insulation kit. It will keep the warm air in and the cold out.

Heat is not the only important aspect for keeping your bird cozy this winter. Watch out for the humidity levels too! Low humidity levels can lead to dry skin, brittle feathers and respiratory (breathing) issues. Most bird owners opt to purchase an electronic humidifier to place in the room with their bird’s cage. Or, for a low-budget option, maintaining a misting schedule will also work. To mist your pet, use a spray bottle that has a setting for fine mist versus a stream of water. Use plain water that is room temperature, and lightly spray all over your animal's body. Don’t soak your bird, only mist enough that you see beads of water on its body. Consult with your veterinarian about your particular breed and how often it should be misted during the winter time.

And now you know how and why a warm bird is a happy bird!

Do you have a pet bird? What steps do you take to ensure it stays comfortable all winter? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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