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Lizards, geckos, chameleons, oh my! If something slick and scaly is what you are looking for, a lizard as a pet is the thing for you!

While many kids will prefer a fluffy dog that’s soft to touch and playful,  you can rest assured that many others—especially boys—will want a lizard of some sort. While you can’t put a leash on most lizards and take them for a walk, there are still certain benefits to being a reptile owner. You can carry them around, for instance. And you never have to worry about a lizard shedding its winter coat. Plus, they are pretty interesting creatures.

If you live with (or are) a kid—large or small—who is dying to have a lizard, here are the top picks:

  • Leopard Gecko: These are a small breed which averages about 20 centimeters long. That’s about the size of a regular #2 pencil. They mostly eat crickets, and are very tolerant of being held or carried. One of the major advantages of this gecko is that it doesn’t require the usual lighting care most reptiles do. No heat lamp required.
  • Bearded Dragon: Don’t worry, it’s not the size of an actual dragon. This is a rather expressive and exciting lizard. In other words, this is the perfect lizard to actually bond with, not just to watch as it sleeps or walks around its terrarium (cage).
  • Green Iguana: This is the most popular species of iguana, and probably the easiest to find in a pet store. They eat green food, but they’re a bit territorial. Also, they have some pretty impressive nails that can leave bruises if the animal doesn’t feel like being handled.

While these are a few great choices for a pet lizard, there are tons more to choose from!

Do you have a pet lizard? What type? Tell us about it in the comments!

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