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In reflecting over the past year, I decided to share blog posts from which I learned most—and that some of our readers liked most.

  1. Keeping Your Pet Safe: After Hurricane Sandy hit New York, this blog gave tips on how to prepare your pet(s) for emergency situations. Use it to plan for the unexpected in 2013.
  2. New Year’s Resolutions: Need help thinking of a good New Year’s resolution for your pet? Click on the link above to get some great ideas!
  3. Holiday Pet Safety: The holidays can be a stressful time of year, even for your pet. This blog touches on how to keep your pet safe and comfortable during a busy time of year—from New Year’s to July 4th and more.
  4. Pet Fire Safety: Not sure how to handle a hot situation? This blog gives tips on how to react if a fire starts and what plans you can act on now to keep your pet from harm.
  5. FDA for Pet Food: Some readers might recall the Salmonella scare earlier this year in pet food. Learn how the FDA regulates and controls what your pet eats.
  6. Coin Toxicity: Coins aren’t just a choking hazard, they can be poisonous! Learn what coins can do to your pet.
  7. Pet Obesity: Obesity is a problem for animals just as much as it can be for humans. This blog includes tricks on getting your pet to lose some weight.
  8. Emergency Room Therapy Dogs: Therapy dogs are now being including in some unusual places in hospitals throughout America. Learn how these dogs can help patients relax and lower stress levels.
  9. Elephant Therapy: Dogs aren’t the only animals who can provide a form of therapy. Find out how these big guys can help!
  10. Pet Food Allergies: Your pet may be suffering from a cold, or is it allergies? Learn how to tell the difference and how to figure out what allergy your pet may have.  

 What’s the best thing you learned this year about pets? Comment below!

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