New babies and dogs

New babies are always an exciting time in your family. Sometimes dog owners are concerned with how their pet will react to the new family member.

Your new baby and your dog will be fast friends if you take the time to introduce them properly.

During pregnancy, make sure to establish yourself as the person in charge. You are the pack leader and your dog needs to know that. Iron out any behavior issues during this time, not matter how small they seem.

Establish boundaries with your dog early. Keeping the nursery off-limits to your dog is an important one. Ensure that your pet understands that they cannot enter without your permission. Eventually you can gradually introduce them to the room with supervision.

When you bring your baby home, let your dog sniff them from a distance. Make sure that you are in complete control when introducing them. Your pet needs to accept the new baby as another pack leader.

With these tips, introducing your furry family member to their human brother or sister is less stressful for you and your dog!

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