Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser…Woof!

Doggie birthday parties are a growing trend among pet owners. These celebrations can be a simple get-together, or an all-out bash. If you like the idea of celebrating your dog’s birthday this year, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Start with a theme. While your four-legged friend will probably not be able to give you his preference between a cowboy theme and a beach theme, starting here will help you plan activities. Your cowboy pup and his friends might love cowboy hats. They might also want to hunt for treasure on a makeshift beach (sandbox) in your backyard. Themes can also make it easy for owners to join in the fun with their own costumes.
  • Compose a great guest list. Start with the neighborhood animals, and invite any other dogs your pup may regularly see. Don’t invite any dogs that you know could get overly aggressive. Keep in mind any small children who might come for the festivities.
  • Find a great location. Be realistic about how many dogs can safely play in your backyard. Think about dog-friendly parks, or make it a two-part party: start with a hike, followed by fun and food at home or in a park. Just think what great pictures you’d get with a parade of doggies and owners all wearing birthday attire!
  • Dogs love to eat too! Check out a few dog-treat recipes online and have fun using cookie cutters. The other doggie guests at the party will love you for it.
  • Get everyone involved. Buy a few Frisbees or tennis balls so your human guests can play with your dog’s guests. You could also set out some toys for the dogs to play with while you relax.

Thanks to for many great party ideas!

What original dog birthday party ideas can you come up with? Share your creative suggestions of how you’d celebrate.

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