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Helpful Tips For Adopting a New Pet From an Animal Shelter

Photo credit: Sande Hamilton

If you are considering adding a new canine or feline member to your family, you might want to consider visiting one of your local animal shelters before you head to the pet store. These shelters house animals that in most instances, have been members of other families and are hungry for love and affection once again. People often think of animals shelters as places full of viscous strays and sickly animals that no one would want, or could love. read more

New Tech Allows Pets to Speak!

New research shows that your pet’s health may not be as great as you think its! Dr John Smith reveals in a newly released publication, that your pet may be not be exhibiting any signs or symptoms of decreased health, but there … read more

Human Foods that are Toxic to Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are just like four-legged people with emotions, habits, and relationships. But when it comes to food, we must remember that our pets do not have the bodies and stomachs of humans. What may be your favorite snack can cause serious damage to your pet. read more