Ask Seth: Dog Diabetes Diet

Dear Seth, I have a Mini schnauzer and we just found out she has dog diabetes. She is getting shots now, 2 times a day. Is there any way she will be normal? Maybe the diabetes go away if she loses weight? And what kind of food is she allowed to eat? Can you please help me out? Thank you so very much. Looking forward to hearing from you, James Harrel

James, I am sorry to hear that your dog has diabetes.  Unfortunately, it will not go away if she loses weight, but it will be effectively managed if she is close to her ideal weight.  Diabetes is the pancreas’s inability to make insulin to counter balance glucose levels in the blood.   The cells that make the insulin usually die off, thus the animal becomes diabetic.  Since we can control what she eats, it is essential that we keep her on a proper diet that will not result in spikes and dips in her blood sugar.  If you are consistent with the diet, the amount of insulin needed will most likely also be consistent.

The best diabetic foods are ones with moderate dietary fiber and a low glycemic index or impact.  Ask your vet what he or she prefers.   The diets are designed for this, so there are a few options.  The diabetic food that I have used is the Hill’s Science Diet W/d.  This has a lower carbohydrate content, which reduces the glycemic index.   There are other options that you could use if he does not eat the W/d, but most dogs do like it.  It is a prescription diet and can be expensive.  Another option is Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Diabetic Canned Dog Food, which is made to help treat diabetes in dogs.

Do you have a pet with diabetes? What do you feed it? Tell us in the comments!

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