Ask Seth: Teach a Dog to Heel

My 7 month old Shepard dog pulls me a lot when on his leash.  Is it important for him to “heel” when I walk him?

Yes, it is important to train your dog to heel especially given his age. In the dog world the leader leads the way. I realize it is inconvenient for the humans, however if we are going to live with dogs and expect them to behave as we wish then we need to understand how to communicate with them. Dogs develop behavior issues because we humans send all the wrong signals. A dog needs to be 100% sure the humans are able to take over the role as leader and keep their pack safe. By allowing the dog in front you are telling him that you wish him to be that leader.  This is very important once he begins to challenge his position in the pack with other dogs, family members and especially children. I would work extremely hard to get your dog to a pack member instead of the leader.  Seek professional help if need be.

Did you successfully train your dog to heel? Share tips with us in the comment section!

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