Ask Seth: Slipped Disc in Dachshund

What can I do for my miniature Dachshund who has slipped disc in his back? Is there any kind of back support that I can use to wrap around him for comfort and support? Katy Worth

Unfortunately, I do not know of a back support harness for a dachshund.  Pressure on a slipped disc in dogs would only create more problems.  The best non-surgical advice I can give you is to limit the activities that contribute to back problems.  Here are just a few:

Most importantly, you must maintain a healthy weight.  Extra weight is a primary contributor to spinal injuries in this breed.  This can be easily managed with a healthy diet and routine exercise that is not excessive in time or intensity.  ABSOLUTELY NO JUMPING!  Train you animal not to jump or climb.  Eliminate any of these activities.  The breed has an elongated spine that when they jump off of a bed or a couch, the vertebrae compress and that force is transferred and absorbed by the disk.  Always use a harness when walking.  This helps with reinforcing the spine and prevents collar choking.  And finally, you should learn how to properly carry your dachshund.    To properly lift a dachshund, you should place one hand under their chest and the other under their rump.  Lift them up so that their back is always horizontal, never vertical or upside down.

Do you have a dachshund? Do you have any tricks to protects its elongated spine? Share with us in the comments!

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  1. s says:

    If you can find a local provider that is affordable, I would highly recommend that you look into accupuncture for your little guy. I had great success with accupuncture for my dog who suffered a spinal injury. While he was not a dachshund, my dog's accupuncturist told me that he often treats dogs prone to spinal issues like dachshunds. I think each session cost us around $30-$40 and we did it once a week and then once every two weeks. It provided our dog a great deal of relief and comfort. Best of luck!

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