Ask Seth: Puppy Vomiting

My 4 month old lab puppy has thrown up 4 times since yesterday morning only after she eats and its her food that comes back up and nothing else. She is still super playful and not sick otherwise. Should I be worried about my puppy throwing up?

I would be concerned but not that worried. Puppies always eat things they are not supposed to eat, but the fact that she is acting like nothing has happened is good. Make sure that when you take her out to do her business, leash walk her to ensure she isn’t getting into something she shouldn’t. She is eating 4 times a day she may be eating too fast and that is why she is regurgitating her food. You can start by elevating her food using a food bowl tray and also use what is called an obstructed bowl. This design of the bowl (it is in the shape of a star) makes the dog eat using smaller bites because they cannot get a mouthful of food with each bite. I would recommend that you have a wellness visit for your dog and have her checked for parasites and also discuss what else could be causing the vomiting. Your vet may also recommend changes to the frequency and/or quantity of the feedings.

Did you have have your dog vomiting a few times a day? What was the problem? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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