Ask Seth: New Kitten

I have a kitten and I am going to the vet next week.  What tests should they run for my new cat to make sure he doesn't get my older cat sick?

What I recommend is what the veterinarians I worked with always recommended.  This is a feline AIDS and feline leukemia snap test for any cat with an unknown status.  These two diseases are life threatening and should be known prior to bringing a cat into a new household.  These diseases can only be transferred from cat to cat by direct contact and are very contagious and deadly.  If the tests come up negative, the vet may want to vaccinate, which is recommended.  If it comes up positive, discuss your options with your veterinarian.  I would also recommend performing a fecal exam.  You don’t want to your current catto catch any internal parasites.   Good luck with new addition!

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  1. colleen says:

    Just because a cat or kitten's test comes up positive DOES NOT MEAN they actually have it. TOO MANY VETS EUTHANIZE on a positive test titer when it could be that the cat was only recently "exposed" and is now fighting off teh disease. Which most of them do and live long healthy lives. It is sadly that too many vets are not well versed in the meanings of positives on initial tests. The tests should ALWAYS be done a second time following a 2-3 month period. I am SHOCKED that you do not mention this fact to new kitten parents. This can be a traumatic and devastating situation and the only one to ultimately lose is the cat who could be killed for no reason!!! There are a LOT OF FALSE POSITIVES on initial testing.

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