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Dear Seth, A few months ago, my cat started pooping on the floor instead of the litter. I consulted the vet and one of the assistants had the same problem. The Fresh Step litter had added carbon and we figured she didn't like the new odors as it was strong. I tried another Fresh Step and she didn't like it either. So we have switched to Scoop Away Unscented. It seemed to help as long as we kept the litter very, very clean. But now twice she has pooped on the floor after installing clean litter.  I could spray the bathroom rugs but she may poop elsewhere! What can I tell a cat sitter when I go on vacation? What is this? What can we do? She shares the litter with our other cat who is fastidious. Thanks. Lillian in Yorktown Heights, NY

As we all know, cats can be very difficult when thing are not the exact way that they like it.  I have heard of this many times and I have some consideration for this situation.  If she wants a clean litter pan, I would try one of the automatic cleaning pans.  Although some cats are afraid of these, it has worked well with animals that want a clean pan for their business.  Another option would be to offer her multiple litter pans throughout the area.  This will give her options and she may prefer one area of the house over another.  Try to keep them away from outside walls, doors, or window since outdoor cats can intimidate and mark the area adjacent to the box.  It seems that you have found a brand of litter she likes, so try to stick with it.   There is also a product that you can get called feliway that helps cats reduce stress within an area.   If these ideas do not help, I would consider an animal behaviorist once your vet has ruled out any other causes.

Did your cat ever have litter box issues? Share any tips with our readers in the comment section!

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  1. Victoria says:

    If you do not have a litter pan for each cat and one extra; then in a home where the cat has had an accident outside her/his litter pan as always have your Vet make sure there is not a health issue. Having a multi cat household I have found that they prefer a litter pan for each of their business(1 for peeing and 1 for pooping); also as they age the height of the litter pan and the type of litter makes a difference as my 21 year old (and I did not get him when he was a kitten) now needs the softer finer pet light weight kitty litter as he is full of arthritic joints and can not scoop or cover like he did in his younger years and this was an issue but we are doing better except for the 5 year old who just doesn't like sharing anything so we are working on his Litter Box skills. I do use the Feliway plug in and find that it helps.

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