Ask Seth: How to Know if My Dog Is Losing His Vision?

Ask Seth: Dog Vision Loss







My dog has hazy eyes.  His behavior is changing slightly.  How do I know if he is losing his vision?  What do you recommend to help him?

The list below is the common behavioral changes seen with decreased vision in dogs:

  • Tentative around stairs and reluctance to jump off the bed or couch
  • Not seeing squirrels on the lawn
  • Sleeping more than usual or having less interest in activities
  • Takes a long time to recognize you
  • High stepping with the front legs
  • Acting insecure, clingy, staying by your feet

These can be signs of vision loss.  The cause can be any of the disorders of the cornea, lens, of the aqueous part of the eye.  Changes in the eye are common and all should be seen by a veterinarian to rule out other disease processes causing the ocular changes.  Only then can you take the proper actions to maintain and keep your pets’ vision.

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