Ask Seth: Growth on Dog

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  1. Kathleen Smith says:

    My italian greyhound, Herbie, had a very large fatty mass tumor in his chest and several
    small ones. When my vet removed the large mass it went so deep she saw his carotid artery and that was with him looking like a plumped up rooster on the outside! All is well now but we have to keep his fat intake down and he still has a bunch of little ones we are keeping our eye on. My Ichabod is next to have many small but two worrisome fatty tumors removed. One is right between his eye and back of lips so we want it gone before it can cause trouble to his eye or jaw. The other planted itself right on his big shoulder muscle. Ichabod is a large ( 22lb), lean, very muscular italian greyhound. Her ie is also large but he gains weight and is soft and squishier. Neither are dainty little italian greyhounds that most people picture them to be. Ichabod is so accustomed to being strong and agile (he moves like a cat) that I would hate to see that taken away from him. So, we have saved up the money to cover the operation and a dental. We have lifetime pet insurance but not for dental or routine care and you do need to pay for the office visits, medications and procedure up front out of pocket but it is so worth having. We will get 80% – 90% back. It has really saved us in the past. When we figure what we pay for our three " kids" for one year it could add up to just one really bad incident. Oh, by the way I also have a mini wiener and that our insurence covers back problems. ICHABOD, HERBIE and REILLY are all 9 years young!

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