Ask Seth: First time parrot owner

I have just adopted a young Amazon parrot from a shelter.  What are some things a new bird owner  should know in order to keep him happy and healthy?

Amazon parrots tend to need a lot of attention and leadership. These birds are very intelligent, outgoing and renowned talkers. If you have only one, it will usually become tame quickly and bond to the keeper. Amazon parrots will quickly begin to mimic voices and other sounds in the environment, such as the phone or television. Amazon parents are social animals, so if you have just one, it will need a lot of attention. It is common when these birds reach sexual maturity for them to develop behavioral problems such as feather plucking and restlessness. Sometimes this behavior becomes so severe that the only solution is to get your pet a mate.

As for feeding, I would recommend a seed-based diet in addition to a pellet diet, simply because these parrots become bored when fed a pellet only diet. A high end food will also be balanced with nutrients and supplements your parrot requires. Amazon parrots are prone to vitamin A, so offer dark leafy veggies, carrots, sweet potato and mango as treats. Make sure that your bird has fresh water daily. These tips on Amazon parrot care will help you get started; however, it would be best for you to contact a local veterinarian who cares for exotics with any additional questions.

Do you have a parrot? Do you have any bird care tips for beginners? Share them in the comments!

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