Ask Seth: Ferret Food Ingredients

Hi Seth. I am curious to know why ferret food seems to always have molasses and brewers yeast in it. It seems counter-productive, as one raises blood sugar and the other lowers it. Have a Chittering good day, Amy "Jo" Casner

Ferrets are prone to insulinomas, which are tumors in the pancreas. These ferret tumors are derived from the B-cells in the pancreas and cause insulin to be produced unnecessarily so that there's too much insulin constantly being produced.  I would think that the combination of these ingredients is not directly 1 to 1 and the molasses is in a much higher concentration than the brewers yeast.  This combination will  help preclude the peaks and valleys that can occur in ferrets.   A animal dietician specializing in ferrets or exotics may be a good source for additional information.

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