Ask Seth: Egg Bound!

Our first cockatiel has just laid her first egg. After the panic subsided, I checked the internet and this is normal. However, the articles stated that they usually lay 3-6 eggs at a time (one every other day). 'Spike' (of course, we thought it was a male) has only laid one egg. Now I think she is egg-bound. What are some egg bound symptoms? Kevin


3 to 6 eggs is an average clutch and as with any animal, that can vary. It is possible she may only lay one egg. Also, every other day is the laying routine, but again, she could skip a day at times.

An egg bound hen becomes fluffy looking and will usually stay on the bottom of her cage and appears lethargic. Often it is possible to see the skin protruding around the area in front of the vent between her legs.  You can even palpate the egg-bound egg.  Hens will sometimes thrash around in the cage in an attempt to dislodge the egg.

Egg binding is extremely life threatening, so if you fear that may be the problem, get to a vet ASAP.

Did you ever have an egg-bound bird? Tell us about it in the comments!

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