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My dachshund has slipped 2 discs in her back for the second time and because of her age and condition she is not an ideal candidate for surgery (20% chance it would work).  Since she still has the complete use of her front paws, would a dog wheelchair work for her? Pam

Pam, I have seen a few hundred dogs in wheelchairs and almost all of them move around as much, if not more, than regular dogs.  The key to creating the experience is obtain the proper wheelchair designed to your dogs’ needs.  There are many companies on the internet that provide this service. I have even seen carts for larger dogs that were customized for the beach.  I recommend trying to locate one close to where you live.  This is because once your dog realizes she is not limited by the chair, she will eventually damage the chair. This will allow her to have the least amount of time without her chair when it needs repairs.   Work with your veterinarian to make sure your chair is not hurting your dog.  Because the chair creates new pressure points, especially on the inner thigh, you need to look for sores and bruising.  Urine scolding can be an issue if your dog cannot eliminate properly or if the padding gets wet with urine.    Good luck with your special dog.  The chair probably will not slow her down a bit.

Do you have any experience with dog wheelchairs? Share with us in the comment section!

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  1. Leah says:

    A reader, Linda Petrarca, recommended a website dedicated to that type of problem called dodgerslist. They were a wonderful resource when she had the same problem with her five year old daschund.

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