Ask Seth: Dog Vaccinations

Hi Seth, I have a Yorkie and wanted to know: what canine vaccinations are needed every year? Thank you so much, Marie

Marie, this is a common question of what is actually needed for proper coverage.  Most states require rabies vaccination every 6 months the first year then an appropriate booster every three years.  This is one I would NEVER skip, unless medically necessary.  There is no treatment for rabies and if your pet gets it, it is certain death.   Your pet can also expose your entire family to this virus, and rabies is fatal in humans too.

I would truly value your veterinarians input on what they recommend to vaccinate against, because they know what diseases are in the area and have treated animals for these.

I would booster the distemper and parvovirus because the boosters usually provide immunity for a little longer than one year, and they can be very deadly.  Your vet may recommend additional vaccines, such as leptospirosis, corona, Lyme, and giardia.  Again, the recommendation comes from the veterinarian’s direct understanding of local prevalence of these issues.  Your vet also can consider your animal’s general health and each case is different.

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