Ask Seth: Dog Training with History of Abuse

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  1. Victoria says:

    I have a now 14 year old white/wolf German Shepherd who was severely abused that she had loss her eye sight and other senses such as smell and forget trusting anyone nor eating any treats. It took me a very long time to get her to trust me. First I found that the name she had was given by the abuser and she would not respond instead she would hide in the smallest darkest place and shriver…so rename your abused pet and not a name that is even close in sound example ours was named Shilo by the abuser and we changed it to Baby with soft voice and loving touch but light. when you take your pet out start with a quiet place with just you and your pet for walking, sitting at home as you need to allow your pet to have a safe hideaway such as behind your chair or under you legs and ours never related to other men who were tall, blonde, wore a ball cap. It took our son to lay on his belly several months before she would let him pet her as for the grandson who was an infant she would sleep near him and when he was old enough he sleep with her in her bed. Our Baby even raised some of the cats when they were rescued. I did not use the clicker should instead I used my hands clapped at different levels and sounds of soft music to teach her feeding time, walk time and bed. She now has gotten slower and we only walk 1/2 block or in the yard and steps are hard and I know that hard day will come but for your abused baby be gentle and very patient even if it seems you are not making headway because the day Baby sniffed a tree base was like my own child taking their first step. As she is my comfort and I love her very much.

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