Ask Seth: Dog Skin Allergies

Hi Pet Assure, my dog has skin allergies and when I use a topical flea control on him, his hair falls out in the spots it is applied.  What do you recommend as a better alternative?  Thank you!  Anita


You have a few options that you can use.  I would always consult your veterinarian prior to starting and new flea and tick regimen.   First off, I would recommend you determine what you need from your flea and/or tick prevention.  Some areas of the US only need flea prevention while others need both.  Either way, I would start by treating the area that your dog frequents with a yard treatment.  These are commercially available.

If you only need flea protection for dogs, there are some drugs that can be given orally and prevent fleas for an entire month.  These include Comfortis, Sentinel, Capstar, Program, and Triflexis, to name a few.  Each is designed for flea control, but some have additional benefits, including heartworm and even internal parasites.

If you need tick control for dogs, there are a few of the topically treatment that you can try that may reduce the hair loss on the application site.  These include Revolution, Frontline, Certifect, Advantage, and Advantix.   Each has a different active ingredient and your dog may react better to a different type of drug.  Your veterinarian can provide you with details on each.

Do you have any other ideas for treating skin allergies in dogs? Share with us in the comments!

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