Ask Seth: Dog Scratching

My dog is constantly scratching. She has no fleas and benadryl (diphenhydramine) does nothing for her. I've tried oatmeal shampoos and tried a variety of foods. Nothing. The vet says there is nothing more to do. HELP!!!!!!!!! -Pat

The usual way to approach this is to rule out thing that may make her itch.  There are some good tests that can help in determining what is causing this.  You need to determine what dog allergies your pet has. It may be just scabies mites or something else but the key is to find the source of the inching.   Many vets use a cortisone (steroid) injection to help with the itching, but this treats the symptoms, not the problem.   I would start by doing an exclusive hypoallergenic diet for 3-4 weeks to see if there are any improvements.  Some dogs can be allergic to corn, wheat, and even chicken. During this time, this is the only food she gets.  NO BONES or treats.   If you notice an improvement, continue with the strict diet.  If not, I recommend doing skin testing to see what is in the environment may be causing it.    There are veterinary dermatologists that all they do is related to animal skin.  This would be a great source to better understand you dogs issues.  Speak with your veterinarian about adding omega 3 fatty acids supplementation on the food.  There are veterinary product companies that make this for skin issues in animals. Good luck.

Does your pet have allergies? How do you treat it? Tell us in the comment section!

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