Ask Seth: Dog only Peeing in One Place

Seth, our dog, June, will only pee and poop in one place in our back yard.  We want to take her on road trips with us and she just won't go anywhere else.  Any suggestions? Gail

Gail, I would start with taking short trips to areas that dogs frequently walk along.  Parks, beach, or even a dog park are great areas that have been constantly marked by nearly all the dogs that go by it.   Even though your dog only goes in one area at home, when the urge comes, she will not be able to hold it in.   By starting with the park, you will build her confidence to eliminate in other areas and then you can move on to longer trips.  When she does eliminate elsewhere, praise her with a “GOOD GIRL” and offer her a reward in the form of a treat (positive reinforcement). If you are going to take a long trip, provide her with the chance to urinate every 3-4 hours to start.  Once she starts going, she will be able to go longer periods of time without stopping.

Did you have this problem with your dog? What did you do about it? Share with us in the comments!

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