Ask Seth: Dog Bladder Stones

I was told that I shouldn't get a Dalmatian because they develop dog bladder stones. I didn't even know about bladder stones in dogs! Should I not get a Dalmatian?

Dalmatians tend to be more likely to develop bladder stones than other breeds; but, since fate usually throws curves at us, if you get a Dalmatian yours probably will!   If you like the breed, get one and then make it a habit to have your veterinarian check a urine sample at least every 6 months. If crystals show up or the degree of acidity or alkalinity (pH) is abnormal or if bacteria are discovered you can correct some predisposing factors before actual calculi (stones) form.
Some breeds are predisposed to developing bladder stones… but that does not mean all individuals of that breed will have this experience. Schnauzers and Pugs seem more likely to develop struvite stones, and cats usually have struvite stones.
No matter what breed you choose, learn all you can about what problems seem more prevalent in that breed. Then be proactive in your vigilance to prevent or correct any problems as they arise.

Did your dog ever have bladder stones? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. Pattie says:

    I have a dal and she is wonderful!! My first one was stolen out of my yard. She is getting up there in age and she was free–I have been looking for another one but can't find one that costs alot more than I can pay.
    You get your doggie..they are clowns at heart..

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