Ask Seth: What is Colitis in Dogs?

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  1. PW says:

    I take issue with your advice to go immediately to the veterinarian for every ailment, and I see why you do:
    "… brought to you by Pet Assure Veterinary Discount Plan."

    Intestinal ailments are usually pretty easy to resolve with probiotics, superior fresh foods, and sometimes fiber, just like in people, and with worm prevention. Of course, some vet visits are necessary, but just like with human doctors, I hardly ever take my dogs to the vet or me to the doctor. I spend far less on highly costly vet visits and meds than recommended, and my animals have always been overall very healthy. Then when I actually need to take them, I am more likely to be able to afford it. I have had animals that lived from eight to 21 years with no vet visits except for the initial exams and sterilizations, and sometimes euthanasia at the end. I can hear shocked voices replying and saying, "but what if?!"
    Building strong health is the best way to stay healthy, whether human or nonhuman. I don't get pet vet insurance, either, because it costs far more than I spend on vet bills in the life of the animal.

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