Ask Seth: Cat Tapeworms

My cat was at the vet for vomiting and the vet said my cat has tapeworms.  She is an inside cat and has been very healthy except for the occasional flea problem.  How did she get tapeworms?

You cat got tapeworms from swallowing the fleas when she was infested.  It is important to tackle the flea issue when treating tapeworms or you will just have cycles of parasite infections both internal and external. The symptoms include vomiting and weight loss, but almost always there are grains near the anus or in the stool that look like rice or sesame seeds.  Treatment is fairly easy with either an injection, oral, and topical applications.   Proper flea control will be essential in preventing tapeworms.

Did your indoor cat ever get tapeworms? How did you get rid of them? Share the story with us in the comments!

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