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There are many products, but which method is best for ear cleaning for dogs as well as dog nail trimmers, which are hard to find the right size?  And do they really work? There a lot of products, but which really get the job done? Would be great to know! Thank you, Ivonne Casallas

I usually use the product my vet recommends first.   The vet determines the type of ear problem you animal has and the cleaner that is appropriate for that condition.  I used many of them but usually stick to the main company brands like epi-otic or oti-clens because they have been successful for my pets.    If there is ever a foul smell or funky color discharge from the ear, see your veterinarian.  Most likely you will need something else to treat the condition. Never use cotton tipped applicators.   Here is how I clean ears:

Place a generous amount of the ear cleaner into the ear, being careful not to create pressure in the ear.    Then softly rub the ear to squish the cleaner around.  I then allow the animal to shake his head.  This will allow some of the cleaner and debris to come out.  Using a 100% cotton ball (not synthetic cotton) or gauze, gently twist this into the ear canal.  Then I wipe from the bottom of the ear to the tip using that groove that you rub when you are rubbing your dogs’ ears.  I repeat this until it is clean of debris and the clean the folds surrounding the ear canal.

Any size nail trimmers can be used because the rule of thumb that I use is to only trim a very short amount of the nail only if they touch the ground when they walk.  You can keep them short by walking your dog on sidewalks or streets to help keep them short.  Your vet can show you how to do both of these techniques since they may have a different preference than I do.

What method do you use to clean your dog's ears and trim its nails? Share with us in the comment section!

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