Allergies in Pets

Aaaaccchhoooo! Spring has finally arrived, and it brought the usual allergies. Did you know that we humans aren’t the only ones who suffer from runny noses and itchy eyes? Pet allergies arrive too!

While I personally was rejoicing that the long winter has finally ended in the south, I am sure there are some who weren’t quite ready for the spring. Why might that be, you ask? Well, because of those pesky allergies! While for most humans this means stocking up on allergy medicines, animals have a harder time dealing with this seasonal irritation. Let’s figure out how you can help make your animal more comfortable. But first, we should probably back up and discuss how you can determine if your furry friend even has allergies.

Determining if your pet has allergies is slightly trickier than figuring out if a human has them. One of the most common symptoms is hair loss or scabbing of the skin. This is caused by an animal’s excessive licking or scratching. Some dogs will even go as far as biting their skin to help alleviate the itchiness. Cats will typically develop bald spots or have open sores if they have allergies. Another common symptom in cats is discharge in the ears.

To help alleviate some of the symptoms, try to get rid of some of the pollen. Wipe your pet’s paws after it comes back inside from being outside. And take your own shoes off by the door. This may eliminate some pollen that would otherwise be on the floor and then get stuck on the pads of your animal’s feet. In addition, give your furry friend a weekly cool bath during the high pollen weeks.

If you suspect that your pet has more severe allergies, give your veterinarian a call. Further testing to determine the specific allergen may be the recommended course of action. So for this allergy season and the next one, those pesky allergies aren’t so pesky!

Does your pet have allergies? How do you keep it comfortable? Share your tips with us in the the comments!

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  1. Anna says:

    My Snotchzer, Morgan has had skin alergies for over two years. I have tried different dog foods, and finally I found a brand name that works for him. Beneful dog food and snacks really work.
    He has not had any issues with skin scabs and itch since.


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