Aggressive Dog Breeds or Misunderstood?

Certain dog breeds are known to be violent and mean. But is this really true, or just a stereotype? Time to find out!

Lately, I have been searching for apartments out in the so-called “real world” after college graduation. Eight apartment complexes into my search, I am still baffled by one of the most common pet requirements. There were several apartment complexes that will not allow certain breeds of dogs, due to these breeds being too “violent.” Now, I happen to know one dog on the list of banned breeds who is just as lovable as my Labrador Retriever. So, are these dogs really violent, or just misunderstood?

While many of the dogs on the list are impressive for various reasons (mostly in the size and build department), the assumption that they are all violent and uncontrollable by nature is questionable. So what leads to this misperception? The guard dogs that are shown in movies and television shows probably contribute a great deal to this problem. However, remember that those dogs are trained in that manner–they are trained to be guard dogs. There’s a similar problem with people who train certain breeds of dogs to fight. If a dog is raised and trained in a loving environment with certain rules, that dog is more than likely be very loving to other people and animals, and to follow your rules. While the dog’s individual and unique personality should always be taken into account, it is wrong to stereotype dogs and consider them “uncontrollable.”

Just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a dog by its breed.

Do you have a dog that's known to be aggressive? Tell us about it in the comments!

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