You can adopt lots of little pets without upsizing your home

Possibly the greatest (and easiest) pet to take care of is a fish. So if you’re tempted to add another pet or two to your family, think “gills.” You can bring home any number of fish without building an addition to your house! Plus, they’re not likely to ruin the carpet while you are out, and I’ve never had one pounce on me at five in the morning.

Choosing a single species or several compatible species is the first step. Be sure to make sure different species are compatible if you choose to get more than one. Pet store professionals can advise you, and you can also do an internet search for ideas.

Ask at your local pet store for the specific requirements a new fish will need. Once you get set up, it’s smooth sailing. Here are some things to think about:

There are several types of aquariums, varying in size, water, filtration systems and set-ups. Freshwater aquariums are best for beginners because they require less maintenance. They also  cost less!  In choosing a tank, get the largest one suitable for your budget and space. One thing to keep in mind: a larger tank will cause less algae to grow, because there is enough room for the tank to mimic natural cycles.

Whatever fish species you choose, make sure the aquarium you set it up to mimic their natural home. Just like you, a fish is not likely to do well in the wrong environment.

Tempting as it is, try not to overfeed your fish. This merely causes more harmful bacteria to grow as the excess food builds up.

Ready to celebrate your new fish? Believe it or not, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has created an e-card for this very occasion. Check it out at here.

Do you have a fish tank? Any good or bad experiences to share?

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