2014 Christmas Gift Guide for Pets


Dog with Present

Source: Photo by Stefan Leijon / CC BY-ND

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy presents. Our pets do, too!

Have you told Santa what you want for Christmas this year? Your pet surely wants to, as well! Here are some the best things that might be on your animal’s list this holiday season:

  • Elevated food and water bowls: This is the perfect gift for your tall pooch! These food and water bowls are lifted off the floor to help with posture and joint pain. No more slouching for your furry friend.
  • Wall-mounted scratch pads: Scratching posts for cats are so 2013! These new pads are purrfect because they stay out of the way and are a fresh new toy to play with.
  • Illuminated dog leash: These leashes are great gifts for the nighttime adventurer. They are brightly lit and come in a variety of colors. They can even be seen from a quarter-mile away! Safety always comes first, but a little style doesn’t hurt, either!
  • Bird carrier: Let your feathery friend be transported in style this year. Pak-O-Birds is a new, lightweight carrier that can come either as a backpack, shoulder bag or front pouch. They come in three different sizes, but can be made into a custom order. Whether you are just going to the vet or taking your bird on vacation with you, you will want to invest in this item.
  • Raincoat: Your pooch hates walking in the rain as much as you do. Give your pet the gift of dry fur this year by investing in a doggy raincoat. As an added bonus, find a bright color such as red or yellow to be easily visible to others.  Your pooch will really love it, especially in cold rains or sleet.
  • New toys: Any new thing to play with is a great present. And with new presents coming soon, it gives the best excuse to throw away old, raggedy playthings that are worn out and have bacteria all over them. Just be sure they’re safe for your specific pet.
  • A Bark Box subscription: If you want something that will last a long time for your dog and not get torn up as easily, consider getting a BarkBox subscription. Your dog will get new toys and healthy treats by mail. All you have to do is subscribe. (Insert link to article we are writing on this)

Happy Holidays to both you and your critter!

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