10 of the Funniest Cat Videos

Check Out 10 of the Funniest Cat Videos on the Web

Photo by Elizabeth Phung/ CC BY-NC-ND

Let’s be honest: cats can be crazy. Yes, they fit most – if not all – of the requirements for a great pet:

  • Cute? Check.
  • Cuddly? Check.
  • Playful? Check.

But cats, like all species, can have moments of weakness, delirium, or just downright stupidity. When these “golden moments” in the otherwise glamorous life of a cat occur, there seems to be only one appropriate response: pulling out a camera.

Take a look at some of the funniest cat videos the internet has graced us with:

Cat and Vacuum


Cat Fail

Cat Says No to Bath

The Suitcase Cat

Scaredy-Cats Compilation


Funny Cats Compilation


Cats vs. Lizards


Cat Discovers Water Balloons

More Funny Cats – Another Compilation

Maru and His Many Boxes – No Matter How Small

What is your favorite cat video? Share it with us in the comments below!        

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