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Simple Savings, Since 1995

In 1995, a young couple was shocked when their pet insurer denied a major claim because "the disease is inherent to the breed." Thus, Pet Assure was born.

Pet Assure's mission is to provide simple, affordable access to quality veterinary care. Pet households can take their pets to a local veterinarian they trust, receive the same care as everyone else, and save right then and there. With Pet Assure, everything is simple: You never have to deal with deductibles, claims forms, denials of coverage, etc. - the discount is applied right at the time of service. Any and every pet is covered – no exclusions. Any and every medical service is covered – no exclusions. You can use it as much and as often as you like – no annual limits. Pet Assure is open to every pet - even if a pet is old or has a pre-existing condition they will get the full benefit of Pet Assure.

Close to 150,000 U.S. pet families have joined the Pet Assure revolution.

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Pet Assure has been featured in...

PET ASSURE has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., The Wall Street Journal and many other magazines, newspapers and trade publications throughout the United States. The company has received extensive television coverage, including features by CNN, CNNFN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and FOX.